Adsunlock:Offering a Perfect Blend Of Blockchain and AD Technology

Phanendra Hanumanula, CEO
The advertising domain in India has gradually evolved from being a small scale sector to a full-fledged industry and is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia. However, with advertising going digital, advertisers are losing out on their cost savings as they grapple with three-fold challenges; measurement, attribution, and fraud. Still in its nascent stage, blockchain technology is being leveraged to showcase transparency, attain privacy and accuracy simultaneously gaining and cost savings. With this technology being a recent entrant in the market, few truly understand the workings of this technology and even fewer have implemented it in any meaningful way into their existing businesses. Perfectly blending Blockchain technology tech and their deep understanding of the two domains, Hyderabad based E Mind Computing, offers their novel Peer-to-Peer Ads platform AdsUnlock( Fuelled by Blockchain technology, the innovative platform automatically creates video/image campaigns that are free of cost for publishers and advertisers can make use of the cutting-edge custom Ad Placements, which are created for the benefit of end-users as well. Phanendra Hanumanula, Founder and CEO of E Mind Computing, says, “AdsUnlock is a network of App Developers working together to create awareness amongst each other of their products. It is where one app owner can advertise in another app owner’s application and vice versa, drastically reducing their advertising costs."

Maintaining Privacy of Users
The highly secure, feature-rich platform has a dedicated team that ensures that all the apps and ads are scrupulously monitored before they are published. While the blockchain technology may be immutable, other areas of the application can be hacked. Addressing this challenge, the team utilizes 256-bit encryption for the security of the site. “Also we have fraud detection on the server side; we stop Bots and crawlers from avoiding data leakage, ”adds Phanendra. Promising ease of integration, the solution offers three kinds of ad placements which are banner, interstitial and video with new advanced placements for mobiles for that extra revenue. But the most intriguing feature of this avant-garde platform is the fact that advertisers can also be publishers and vice versa where both can buy and sell Ads. “We can have transparency and auditability of all transactions happening at any given time with our Blockchain Technology,” informs Phanendra.

Additionally, it facilitates clients with campaigns, be it video or images. The company’s campaign management offering assures targeted ads where only relevant ads will be displayed to the users thereby optimizing the campaign. The company’s Ad Placements has been specifically engineered to blend into the actions of mobile users.
They are non-interfering and still manage to capture the user’s attention. The highlight of the solution is that the advertiser does not have to endure the arduous process of waiting for the users to open specific apps. The ads can be displayed with more day-to-day actions like precall, calling, unlocking and so on through the ad Placement.

We Can Have Transparency and Auditability Of All Transactions Happening At any Given Time With Our Blockchain Technology

Delivering Rich User Experience
The company’s global community of advertisers provides maximum revenue even if the users may be geographically dispersed. Offering seamless integration, the customer can deploy the easy-to-use solution on their website or mobile app almost instantaneously with a dashboard that displays reports with actionable statistics that enhance the results in real-time. Fully aware that advertisers are on the lookout to personalize the content experience in order to witness an escalation in the ad sales, AdsUnlock adopts a customer centric-approach that delivers a highly customizable solution with a rich user experience. “One way to deliver personalized content for consumers is to send the right ads to the right consumers. We do this through giving options to create targeted campaigns. Understanding our consumer behavior is the key, and once that is done, targeting is easy,” elaborates Phanendra.

Furthermore, AdsUnlock permits the apps to be advertised for free where the app developers are required to just register on the platform and add their app. Once the app has been successfully added, video and image campaigns are consequently created. Followed by this, the placements need to be integrated into their app. While with other vendors, the app owners have to invest an astronomical amount on creating videos and images, the AdsUnlock app will by default take the data from the Play Store and create them for the apps. All that is needed is to pick the targeting options and use the joining bonus to begin the process free of cost and effortlessly.

Apart from earning revenue from the peer to peer marketing approach, AdsUnlock has introduced an extension to this concept called AdMediation. Explaining this addition, Phanendra reveals, “This is the best way to earn the most revenue. Ad Mediation is where a publisher can connect with multiple ad networks and be served Ads through AdsUnlock Ad Mediation platform, earning high CPMs.”

Having taken huge strides in the Ad Tech and Blockchain technology domain, the company envisages building an Ad Tech ecosystem to provide the community with innovative ways to advertise. “In addition to our endeavour towards improvement of Ad Technology, we are going to focus on building a community which is self-sustaining, by providing a one-stop platform with the right tools,” concludes Phanendra (