breakWalls Technologies: Seamlessly Integrating Information Silos with Cutting-edge SCM Solutions

Imagine the kind of sense and response required if you are trying to fly fast through woods. You need to make sure you are going in the right direction, through optimal and feasible route, and don’t bump into the tree right in front of you. In increasingly dynamic business environment,to run fast, a strong sense and response is required across business plans, operational plans and execution, across different business functions and partners. Currently ,in a typical organization, ERP systems have transactions and orders, BI systems have past data; and future plans, practically, are in disjointed excels with business planners, which hampers the speed and efficiency of the business. Coming to the fore is Bangalore located breakWalls Technologies with a novel suite of solutions that enable a system based integrated plan-execution tracking – analytics which breaks down the silos or walls across functions and planning levels and assists companies to replace inventory with information. Hemant Pariawala Director,break Walls Technologies, adds ,“Our Architecture truly supports the business’s Integrated Plan, Execution Tracking and Analytics(IPEA) system with concurrent access to hierarchical data, plans and execution tracking with analysis and last mile business requirements.”

As businesses are on the lookout for SCM software solution providers, the company extends their advanced, supply chain solution tool kit that permits a balanced solution approach in between completely custom solutions (too fluid) and completely packaged (toorigid) approaches. Additionally, the approach allows breakWalls to have a shorter time to implement and introduce new enhancements as per the business requirement. Essentially, the tool kit comprises of data models, solvers, collaboration, analytics and statistical tools, including machine learning and AI, rich and easily customizable UI and reporting framework.
The company’s integrated supply planning solution spans across extended distribution planning /replenishment planning, sourcing, production, and procurement planning where the incremental planning solver supports plan adjustments as well. Leveraging this offering, clients have been able to reduce the inventory levels up to 30 percent while maintaining the same or better service levels and accuracy. Having worked with some renowned organizations in India and the US,the team with their deep domain expertise worked to reduce the time required to finalize a plan to less than 10 minutes compared to several hours normally required

The company extends chain solution tool kit that permits a balanced solution approach in between completely custom solutions(toofluid) and completely packaged (too rigid)approaches

Continually raising the bar of customer satisfaction, break Walls offers an array of SCM software solutions right from channel management, business planning and S&OP, integrated supply planning(replenishment, distribution, production, and procurement), supplier partner collaboration to detailed orders tracking. In essence, the company enables multiple levels of plans across a broad range of SCM organizations and extended supply chain partners. Having carved a niche for themselves in this sector, breakWalls aims to continually evaluate a vast spectrum of tools and trending technologies to support increasingly digitization requirements in the supply chain software, creating advanced and innovative solutions from the first principles with the focus to provide highest level of value to its customers.