Kintetsu World Express : A Comprehensive Logistics Solutions Provider in India & Abroad

CIO Vendor With integration of AI capabilities and significant advances in technology, there is an evident evolution seen in the supply chain industry. The SCM market includes demand for transparency in the supply chain data and processes. Efficient supply chain management can reduce costs to a great deal, thus maximising customer value and competitive advantages. This in turn will provide lucrative offers for SCM vendors.

KWE India is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 to ensure its commitment towards quality, environment, health and safety. KWE has also certified with GDP (Good distribution Practices) which certifies for handling pharma products. KWE India is certified AEO operator. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, KWE is currently posing in 43 countries and territories globally.

A Leader in Offering Superlative Services in Global Logistics
KWE offers real-time solutions to offer and fulfill the commitment. It has become one of the India’s leading comprehensive and outsourced Logistics Solutions Provider for end-to-end processes. It has taken the lead in offering superior, superlative services in Global logistics conductive environment, extending its services to customers within India and overseas.

KWE provides value-based solutions, expert advice, analysis and solutions to customers. It includes identifying warehouse location, setup operation process and aligning with the local compliance requirements, identifying customer logistics challenges and setting-up right process For maximum cost and time efficiency.

KWE has developed a complete range of services to respond to the logistics and transportation needs comprising of air, ocean, warehousing and Land transportation. All
the functional products are supported by right Information technology tools connected through EDI with the customers and functional systems.

The company covers the following array of services under a widened scope– End-to-end International Air & Overseas Freight services, Door-to-Door Domestic Transportation (Air & Truck), Warehousing & Distribution, Customs Brokerage, Cross Dock services, Local Compliance Services, Project logistics, and Multi Model logistics.

KWE believes in the power of technology as it not only facilitates the facilitates but also powers the entire journey, helping to carve new paths into the agile markets, innovation in products & services, building healthy client relationships, attracting & retaining talent and scaling up or down when needed. The evolving IT tools have been a great help to integrate systems and provide real-time data visibility, thus ensuring full transparency in the process.

KWE India is primarily a supply chain solutions provider integrating future directions

Sustainable Growth In A Volatile Market is the Ultimate Roadmap
KWE India staff and commitment has been pillar of ensuring sustainable growth and in gaining market share. Its customized solution in pharmaceuticals with cold chain end-to-end solutions and electronic goods supply chain has helped outpacing competition while conducting business operations in India.

In order to achieve sustainable growth in a volatile market, the KWE group will implement business expansion policies, prioritizing the core operations of air freight and sea freight forwarding, while also maintaining an asset-light logistics business model to preserve service flexibility.

The combined diversity of logistics services of the company will enable business expansion in the global market, further enhancing corporate value as it progresses to become a Global Top 10 Solution Partner. KWE aims to be a preferred logistics partner and grow a stronger in the market despite overwhelming global competition.